androids & aliens & cyborgs (oh my!)

L.A. Corbeau

Sci-fi/alien romance author


L.A. Corbeau is an author with her eyes on the stars and a habit of getting caught up in fantastical ideas. She is an avid reader of all sorts, from books to birth charts to tarot cards. When she isn’t scheming, making art or writing, she can be found going on adventures with friends or trying to befriend local crows.

Content warnings for The Trader's Menagerie:

Past mention of death/tragic accident, past mention of abuse (vague, off page), sexual content, action/violence, revenge, multiple relationships/polyam, manipulative villain, DVP, voyeurism, mind control/telepathy (mild, non-sexual and mild, sexual but consensual), fighting feelings/getting over an ex, pining/yearning, SA (attempted, mid chapter 19), kidnapping/abduction/trafficking

Content warnings for The Pilot's Ruin (The Trader's Menagerie book 2):

Explicit sexual content (chase scene, MMF, MFM, DP, oral), violence (threats, choking), adventure/action, minor power play/mind games, minor miscommunication (arguing), fantasy sci-fi elements, death (fake), references to surgery and body augmentation, mention of deceased spouses, multiple relationship/polyam, conflict between siblings

Content warnings for The Alien's Rite (The Trader's Menagerie book 3):

Mysterious illness, cultural differences, alien courting tradition with strict rules (regency-ish), explicit sexual content (femdom, DP, fuck or die, praise, spanking, rimming, MFM, MFMM), mention of death, polyam/multiple relationships